Admission Requirements

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To be considered for admission to Cyprus Science University, please refer to the country in which you completed your secondary school studies or the type of education you received internationally for the admission requirements:

  • High School Diploma: A copy of a high school diploma in English or in Turkish.
  • Official Transcript: A copy of an official transcript and its translated copy (English or Turkish).
  • Exam Result: A copy of the exam result that is being used for application

Refund Policy


If you are an international student starting a course at Cyprus Science University, you are required to pay a tuition fee deposit stated on your offer letter.
This deposit is to be paid after you have met all your academic and language conditions and accepted an offer. An Acceptance Letter for Studies is required for the registration and the University will issue this once the deposit has been paid and any other requirements satisfied.

Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit: $1,000 amount payable once per Academic Year in a student’s Initial Term which secures a seat in that program for that Academic Year.  This deposit is non-refundable and put towards a student’s total fees owing for their Initial Term. 

You can read more about Refund Policy on this link.

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